Inspiration comes in many forms.  For Handler, music has played an extremely important role in the stylistic development of her art. The emotions evoked by the different songs she listens to encourage her color choice and mark making.  Consequently, she titles her work after these songs as a way to pay homage to the music that inspired each piece. 

Handler employs a myriad of unconventional and everyday household tools to translate what she hears onto canvas.  The unusual marks made by objects as varied as brooms and flyswatters help express the sounds and rhythms that are playing while she paints.  With acrylic, enamel, spray and flashe paints, she incorporates these marks into her work, sometimes hanging the canvas, other times lying it flat. This affords her the opportunity to see the painting from all four sides and to feel more connected to it as a whole.  Through her method of layering brush strokes with the varied marks, she weaves together images that allow the viewer to discover something new each time they see them. 

Handler uses vibrant color and lyrical gestures as a declaration of confidence and determination.  Her layered compositions reflect the process of her painting- marrying music and visual art to create images that embody the exhilaration and unbridled energy with which she moves through life.